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    July 9, 2013
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they dropped the ball. a spokesperson for child protective services says there was currently no open cases of neglect against her. conference, we have learned that the family says they looked into that vehicle shortly after michael disappeared, and saw no sign of him in there. i say that officers with the metropolitan police department looked in the vehicle at least three times. reporting live, stephen tschida. >> so many questions. more breaking news about the metro. a metro train has gone down the wrong track. inlue line track ended up arlington national cemetery. >> we are live where this
problem actually originated. i'm going to show you where the train is headed out. this is the actual track. certainly, an orange (down -- left down train left the metro station. due to a era, it was identified as an orange train. south to arlington cemetery. a spokesperson assures us that even though this was a mistake, it was on a correct track it was not heading in the direction where it would have collided with another train. they say it was my a major issue and it cause a delay. mailed user e-
pictures. she says the passengers were caused chaos.d it there were people who were very angry. they had to offload because that was the direction the train that. the passenger told us that the conductor apologized. everybody had to load off and get on another train. of course, we should certainly note that this happened on wednesday. they are going through this all over again. insistedpokesperson this is not a big issue. jay korff, abc 7 news. a and said to testify in carjacking case turned up dead over the weekend. onlytory you will see here. detective tell us a -- it is not known at this point if this man was murdered because of his testimony here.
48 hours ago, christopher bauer ballard wastify -- set to testify. police say it was murder. f most would not talk on camera. >> no one wants to be pursued. >> a district police officer heard gunfire breakout. they found the 38-year-old in the street. they thought the blast was fireworks. this we have learned that ballard was set to testify in court. he and another man were carjacked last december in the same neighborhood. records showed two men walked up and said get out of the car. ballard and the passengers refuse. -- refused.
it had calmed down. i do not know. lex court records -- >> court records identified one of the individuals as an individual nicknamed unc. his alleged accomplice, he was murdered in a strange twist. he was gunned down at the very same intersection as christopher ballard. thates tell abc seven news law-enforcement made a concerted effort to keep ballard out of that neighborhood. we were told he was given a hotel to stay in. officers were familiar with him. they asked him to leave the neighborhoods. we have been told he was assaulted in the neighborhood the weekend before he was killed. reporting live, i am jennifer donelan.
and include for investigators trying to figure out who was stealing checks from mailboxes. these women try to cash stolen checks and banks around our region. investigators say they think the women were using ids that did not belong to them. to becomeellers began suspicious. >> walmarts future ndc is in jeopardy. a vote set for tomorrow could end plans for three of the big box stores in the district. autria godfrey is live with the details. months,onths and although we have been talking about is that added jobs and opportunities the stores are supposed to bring to residents here in the district. six stores were supposed to open. with each store opening, 300 new jobs. word today that three of those six stores will not begin construction. there was supposed to be six walmarts in the district.
the retailer said it would bring 1800 jobs to the area. because of legislation that has poised to pass tomorrow, box retailers will be required to start their employees at $12.30 an hour. aat is above the 825 -- dollar $.25. locationse stores and are all not yet in construction. -- warmer presented a said they were not happy. neither is she. are going to pull out. why would a retailer want to come in to work with these mandates?
it just wasn't a good piece of legislation. it was not well thought out. >> warmer executives have released a statement today. -- walmart executives have released a statement today. >> apologies with the problem with the audio. now we turn to the weather. a cooler day around the metro area. >> a little more bearable. doug hill in the weather center with the first check of the forecast. now. cooler than recent days. we're seeing sunshine. let's take a look at the hazy skies. 84 at reagan national. look south at quantico.
dew point temperatures in the lower to middle 70's. even more noticeable, isolated showers south of washington. we will keep a eye on those. there'll be plenty of opportunities for rain. cloudy and warm tonight. muggy, 60-74 degrees. that is in our seven day. for folks in the george zimmerman trial today, i i follow just took the stand to testify that george zimmerman's gun was up against his sweatshirt when he filed -- fired the shot. >> the content in the case of this is consistent with mr. zimmerman's account that he, mr.
martin, was over him at the time he was shot. couldconceded the gunshot be consistent with martin pulling away from zimmerman. the defense said it will wrap up its case tomorrow. >> the traveler the army psychologist charged in the fort hood shooting is under way. he said he wants to tell potential jurors that he is being forced to wear a military uniform which he believes represents an enemy of islam. it is unclear if the judge will allow him to do so. he faces the death penalty or life without parole in that rampage that killed 13 people and wounded nearly three dozen others. >> three memo in -- three women who were kidnapped and held for 10 years have released a video and given them -- given a glimpse into their lives.
>> a couple of reasons for putting out the video. he gives them a chance to speak in a controlled environment. the road gets to see who these women are. the question remains, what is next for them? >> i want everyone to know how happy i am. it has been unbelievable. >> a video introducing the woman held for a decade in cleveland. for the support. >> it is a way for them to think those who found them and talk about the progress they have made. my privacy has helped immensely. >> with great support and a good professional help, they can actually move forward. they can absolutely move on with their lives. and have a real productive life after what they have endured.
look to heal by helping others, who abandoned similar situations. >> i may have been through hell and back, but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face. with my head held high. >> while many will never be able to erase the memories of the past, this video is proof that these ladies are ready to move on with their life. >> i am looking forward to my brand . castro, the man accused of kidnapping him, faces more than 300 charges. >> a thank you. so good to see those girls. >> no power for two weeks? pepco can't turn the power back on. returns.the panda
>> i was screaming and yelling. almost robbery victims, still ahead. hear their story. airlinerlot of the crash in san francisco are question. ♪
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>> nude of elements live near the airport with the latest. good afternoon preview can see the records of the airplane behind me. investigators are here prayed we are expecting they are going to provide us with an update in a few moments. they want to know how this was able to happen. faces more crew tough questions. the ntsb continues interbreeding pilots -- interviewing highly
today. >> very experienced pilots. >> they are interested in hearing from the man who was at the controls before the crash. control the plane was switched from autopilot to manual. the is fairly normal, but it is unclear if the engines were left on automatic. crew actedkpit moments?in the final >> we want to understand what they knew, what they were expecting. how they communicate with each other. >> they are considering outside factors that could have affected their performance. medications, stress, home lives. killed are those meeting to identify the bodies.
the ceo of the airline is here investigators. and to take a look at the wreckage. you for that. news this evening. women who work the night shift are at a higher risk for breast cancer. the study indicates women who worked nights for 30 years are twice as likely to develop breast cancer. , buttudy is published researchers do not know because of the elevated risk level. a beer a day may keep your and according to research, a pint of beer a day may improve the flexibility and blood flow of major arteries around the heart.
moderate drinking may be a protection against heart disease. >> just hearing that makes you feel good. [laughter] >> a nice day. and little muggy out there. not the high heat. morey have forecast sunshine him he actually saw. it it was all right. let's get started here. a view from our webcam. a lot of high clouds, but like sun onlyelse, the just turned to peek through. woodbridge, 84 in
beltsville. -- weather and humidity was i keep stressing the dew points because it is the true measure of moisture. air temperature will be in the 80s, it isn't comfortable. it is going to stay there for a little longer. in little monkey, 60-74. -- a little muggy. --y did generally cloudy, hazy, warm. , the hotmperatures stuff is to the west. really hot stuff. 93 in st. louis right now. a hot day. the cluster of storms to the north and west that we will keep an eye on. locally, it is just cloud cover.
then farther south, that all is due to the tropical storm. check out the heat. here the upper 90s's. we have the high humidity levels, caused by the high dew point levels. it gives us another day with sun . thursday, our -- showers and thunderstorms. we think it will come through during the day on thursday. the trend is right. behind that, high pressure will build in. storm,g of the tropical it is moving through the islands here. not the best looking tropical storm. 65 miles per hour currently.
it is coming in clusters, rather groups.organized it keeps the tropical storm across hispaniola. it could possibly be somewhere near south carolina by sunday afternoon. go. is a long way to we will monitor for it. muggy tomorrow and showers in the afternoon. highs in the upper 80's. on thursday.likely cooler friday and saturday. partly cloudy, chance of showers and thunderstorms. >> you sound board with that. thank you, doug. >> coming up, which competitor is now buying harris teeter.
>> rusty the red panda returns the national zoo.
>> rusty the red panda has returned to his home at the national zoo three >> since his escape a couple of weeks ago, he has gathered new fans.
kendis gibson has more. >> this is as quiet as we have seen this area. people have been packed into the area to get a glimpse of rusty. it will be quite because he is not actually out here. >> there is no arguing what was the most popular display at the national zoo today. shadows,ving in the the escape and return of the red panda, rusty, has turned the red panda into rockstars. he returned after spending two weeks getting checked out by that's. using theescape bamboo in his enclosure, and roamed the streets for several hours.
we realize he was very smart. they know they like to get out. >> there are several changes to make sure it does not happen again. would plan rolls are in place -- wood panels are in place to make sure he cannot escape. >> they work hard to make sure the animal has everything in his or her habitat. backj,he first few hours rusty was rambunctious, climbing trees, and really -- and realize inescapably difficult. >> that was among the many changes that were made, he can forget about trying to get away. they are keeping him locked up at sunset.
next, a very special state dinner held at the white house today. small but important guests. living without power for two weeks now. what these people are being told now. thugs run for their lives after their victim gained the upper hand. [ male announcer ] you know what's so awesome about the internet? it gets more and more entertaining every day. and once you've got verizon fios, that's when you get it -- how 100% fiber optics takes your entertainment to ridiculous levels. i was streaming videos, movies, music.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. to our men had the tables turned on them. >> and attempted robbery happened in hyattsville. live with the interviews you will see only on abc 7 news. >> police are saying this is one for the good guys. the victims say this could have turned out much worse. they were fighting for their lives. just returning home. the fiancée was just getting out of the car when the gunman appeared. me, told meroached not to say anything brady had a gun. >> she says says everything happened in a flash. demandedrs had
money. the victim said she began to scream. the male victim decided he had to turn the tables on the bad guys. we are not showing their faces as they tell their stories. >> he told me to give them what i have in my pockets. >> they grabbed him. he grabbed the back. at happen so quickly. he ended up with the gun. -- i was screaming and yelling. i was all over the place. >> as the attack began, the victim had the gun in his hand. he fired the robbers'own gun. thefemale victim and calls male victim her hero. >> he is very brave. i couldn't believe it.
>> police found the gun in the couples'front yard. they could not locate the suspect. the victim says that worries her. in all the excitement, they were not able to give much of a suspect. they do say one of the robbers were wearing a fedex work shirt. in hyattsville, brad bell. >> we are waiting for what the autopsy report will reveal about the death of a seven-year-old boy. he was found last night and an abandoned car. he was autistic and disappeared from his backyard sunday morning. beenous neglect cases have revealed to have happened against his mother.
>> christopher ballard was murdered in the intersection of e street saturday. he was supposed to testify yesterday. >> the three women who were kidnapped and held against their will for a decade in cleveland are speaking out in a video. they think all those who have supported them and say it is helping them rebuild their lives. >> a dramatic rescue from the museum ofe national african american history. rescuers lifted a construction worker and put them in an ambulance. no word yet on his condition. the fight to keep the flowers continues. he planted dozens of flowers at the metro station anonymously. he had to stop.
metro decision says the flowers need repairs. >> temperatures in the 90's, imagine being without power. residents say they have been without power for two weeks now. why they say they cannot get the electricity back. the tauscher, what is going on? >> you know how hot it has been out here. it has been more than 10 days for these people. we just got off the phone with the government office that oversees the building. their web says that what you're about to hear has been solved. one thing these to happen, and that is pepco coming to the house to turn the power back on. sleeping is top. -- todd. she has to go to -- sleeping is tough.
>> we have been in and out of the hospital. >> it is frustrating. >> people who live here say workers left behind shoddy wires. it is a fire hazard. they claim the landlord told them it would be fixed days ago. as far asdisrespected my livelihood. >> it means several families can keep -- cannot keep food in their fridge. about the food we lost in the refrigerator? check, the problem with the landlord, the wiring was fixed, and they have called
pepco. they expect them to be here this evening. i just talked to them, and they say they know about the problem. they say the landlord needs to fix the wiring. natasha barrett, abc 7 news. >> thank you. standing by with the traffic center. >> good afternoon, it is not so bad. we are dealing with an uneventful rush-hour. no major incidents at this time. , slowersee western 56 stretches along the inner loop. towards 95. is again, you should find travel lanes open. no major incidents north of howard county.
lanes are wide open. spots into upper montgomery county. travel lanes are open. way, yougo leaving the see the heavy traffic there. the travel lanes are open. we didn't have an accident, but that has cleared. that is how it looks. back to you. up, -- g >> egypt's unrest. >> new tonight, a wedding of controversy lessees. ♪
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>> after days of deadlock, egypt has a new prime minister. president is a nobel peace prize minister.
the military ousted mohamed the first first -- elected president. there are still people from our area in egypt right now. including george washington par of the study abroad program. >> we talked with her via skype. she says the situation has quickly changed over the weekend. >> i felt very safe. all the others felt very safe. but now, you can feel it. arecan hear the people saying the precautions that increase previous security is increased. everything is in the air. >> the students have guards to protect them pretty do not go anywhere unescorted. she is scheduled to come to washington next week.
she would love to stay in egypt longer. she does not think her parents will agree with that. >> that is understandable. the one group of people leaving egypt about the is having to be concerned about. thn egypt. christians in >> christians are persecuted worldwide. it is getting worse pretty arab spring and rise of islamist governments have led to christian minorities fleeing in droves. in egypt, that means the orthodox christians. peace.prays for she is glad resident morsi is out. >> they got much worse. >> she says christians in egypt have an increasingly been harassed. >> i could not take my cross.
it is obvious i'm christian. i am not veiled. >> the cross tattooed on her rest -- wrist is a dead giveaway. we will set you on fire. >> they have more than 4000 members. 30y are seeing up to families a month flee egypt. >> they cannot live. ,hey struggled just as much they are struggling without a foundation. renovate theto church, we had to call the president. the signature of the president himself. christians say a secular
government will better protect all religions. the former dictator will barack was bad, but not this bad. morsi they say was the worst. >> very interesting pre-coming up next, the grocery store chain that is defined -- buying harris teeter. take a look at who
harris teeter operates 212 stores in the southeast area. more people are paying the credit card bills on time. -- s in the recession [inaudible] of credit cards were
overdue by 30 days or more. consumers are trying to manage money more after the recession. >> royal baby watch is underway. it is expected to give the british economy a boost. 370 $6 million increase in retail sales during the month of july and august. t that includes more than -- that includes dvds and other media related to the royal birth. the royalponse to baby has been unbelievable before it has been born. i think that is a demonstration of how the public see william and kate as ambassadors of the uk. >> we know what the title will be. highness, royal
prince or princess of cambridge. >> the entire country is throwing them a shower. let's see what is coming up at 6:00. >> good to see you both. we are following that breaking news about a metro train going down the wrong tracks. pricesans were told would fall by more than a nickel this summer. it rises are barely -- prices are barely budging. son wasnnell's arrested. all that and more when i join you in a few moments. sun. did see some maybe things are getting better outside. >> it seems the sunshine has been holding up in the afternoon. let's get you started on the time lapse. this is from all be -- al
die, virginia. things cleared up nicely. it is beautiful. temperatures not excessively hall. they're going to keep an eye on that cluster of storms coming up across michigan. our dewpoint temperatures are so some showers will probably survive the trip across the mountains. there may be showers overnight in parts of the area. 84 and gaithersburg. 90 degrees in fredericksburg. here is what we are going to be watching. possible.e remnants of the heavy downpours out west. 68-74. the moisture is so high, the dewpoint will make it feel like 70 -- seven degrees warmer.
as we head to the day on friday, showers are more widespread with the passage of a cold front. that is the latest. >> thank you. tonight, another amazing transformation on "extreme weight loss." they are followed by "body of proof" and abc 7 news at 11:00. >> this is a big night for tennis. >> no question about it. goingshington kastles are after the record of 34 wins in a row. they tight -- tied the lakers with wins. let me tell you, this is currently the most successful sports franchise in washington. most underrated.
they've won the world team title three times. venus williams, on the bench last night. the first lady was in the stands. billie jean king was also here. it is good for the city. it is great for the kids. i caught up with murphy jensen. >> how big is this> >> it is huge for the game of tennis. massive for the community. it is not get any bigger. if we can take down the lakers, it will be monumental. prepareds, they are for this. sleepive, breathe, eat, everything kastles.
tonight is just another match. >> this is heavy stuff. the first lady is here. the bench.en us on this is heavy stuff. >> but, you know, i pension myself every day. pinch myself every day. in abc seven crew. making dreams come true. if things got more exciting, my head would explode. >> this is the big story, tonight is the 34th attempt at a win. they are ready to play tonight. >>
>> children of attended what was billed as a kid's state dinner at the white house. >> a state dinner for lunch. they are the winner of the annual healthy lunchtime challenge. 1300 children entered the healthy lunch challenge. only one child or me the the the seat toctually won a the dinner. >> if you can walk in this room and sit of these chairs, and see in front of you these cameras, then you can do anything in the world. >> they one for creating an affordable recipe. they serve some of the top choice of the white house with michelle obama. >> become a leader. he you are more than equipped -- you are more than equipped to do it. keep working hard. >> they had a surprise visitor.
>> usually, i get invited. i do not would -- i do not know what happened. >> he praised the group for leading country to healthier living. >> you were going to have a better life. you are also going to create a stronger, healthier america. >> pretty exciting. lady asked them to encourage other children to be more active. that will do it for us at 5:00. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is breaking news. >> it is coming from metro, where a train has ended up on the wrong tracks. >> at the beginning of the evening rush, the blue -- and orange train went down the blue line tracks. jay korff is live.
>> we are live here on the platform. this is the upper level. this is the lower level. this is where this all started. aroundng to a passenger, 3:00, and orange line train didn't go that way. it was an unknown or signal issue of some sort. it went on the blue line. the good news is that the trains were going in the right direction. offload ande to arlington cemetery. everyone had to get off. the train was out of service. we do have some pictures of a passenger -- that a passenger